7 Best Hoverboards For Beginners in 2021 – A Complete Expert Guide!

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One of the most common issues faced by a new customer is the lack of information regarding the features and functionalities of a hoverboard. We have come across the solution for you; through this article, we shall be reviewing the best hoverboards for beginners in detail for you. Hence, further assisting you in making the buying decision.

The best hoverboard for beginners should have a great motor that provides the necessary power to the hoverboard for smoother journeys. The pedals should be made of good quality materials for safe riding. There are several other features like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, etc which we will review in detail.

Below is a table comprising of the top available options for beginners. Let us review them.

7 Best Hoverboards For Beginner: Top Picks Updated 2021

Hoverboard NameFeaturePrice
SISIGAD HoverboardSelf-balancing technology
HOVERSTAR HS 2.0 HoverboardSmart battery monitoring
UNI-SUN HoverboardDual 300W motor
Hover Hoverboard9 mph top speed
UNISUN 6.5’’ Hoverboard9.3 miles battery range
TPS HoverboardCheapest price
City Cruiser 6.5’’ HoverboardRGB LED lights

1. SISIGAD Hoverboard Best Hoverboard for BeginnerSISIGAD Hoverboard

First up is a greatly designed hoverboard that has great performance. The manufacturer has designed the SISIGAD hoverboard in such a way that it has controlled and easy maneuvering. The hoverboard has a very elegant overall look with stylish rims and imposing front view LED headlights. We shall review the major functions and quirks of this product in the review below. Let us jump right into it.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

Continuing our thoughts on the design of this hoverboard, the manufacturer has designed this product with the latest self-balancing technology. This piece of technology is necessary to have when it comes to the hoverboard. It allows ultra-smooth rides with great stability. These are key credentials that will help the beginner in riding the SISIGAD hoverboard without accidents.

Moreover, the brilliant Built-in Bluetooth speakers can be connected easily to your Smartphone, enabling you to play your favorite tracks as you are cruising around. Bluetooth activation and connectivity are as simple as possible.

Furthermore, there are dashing LED lights installed by the team at SISIGAD. These customized LED lights further enhance the already cool look of your SISIGAD hoverboard. Not only this, but they also provide essential safety assistance at night, when you are going to your local market or taking the SISIGAD hoverboard out in your backyard.

SISIGAD Hoverboard

In terms of warranty and regulations, the manufacturer has ensured that the hoverboard has been tested and passes the safety certification standard of UL2272. With regards to the warranty of the hoverboard, there is a 3 months warranty on this machine.

  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Dashing LED lights
  • 3 months warranty
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Battery issues

Final Views:

The product has several significant features like the self-balancing technology that ensures a comfortable ride. It has good quality customization and a Bluetooth speaker available at a cheaper price. All these fancy options make it the best beginner hoverboard for the money.

SISIGAD Hoverboard



HOVERSTAR being one of the leading hoverboard manufacturers has yet again given a product that fits all. This is a great option for people of all ages who want to have fun with hoverboards but are new to this game. Honing the skills for a novice requires a hoverboard equipped with simplistic features. This HOVERSTAR HS 2.0 hoverboard has great simple quirks that will greatly help beginners. Let us jump right into reviewing this beauty.

Important Features That You Need To Know.

Let us start with the design of the HOVERSTAR HS 2.0 hoverboard, an elegant choice of colors combined with a fashionable look. Both the design and the color complement each other. Add to this is the lightning in the wheels that further brightens the overall look. The lightning wheels light up especially in the dark and make the hoverboard’s presence felt.

Moving on, there is a large lithium-ion battery installed. The battery can give power for a minimum of 45 minutes on a full charge. This battery life can be enhanced by reading the help manual tips and tricks. Moreover, the battery has some smart features like; low power alert that notifies you about your range and smart battery monitoring that keeps your battery’s health great.


In terms of some of the other features, one of the major things that matter when it comes to scooters is their smoothness and stability. Therefore, with the new self-balancing technology, the manufacturer has taken care of this aspect. The HOVERSTAR HS 2.0 hoverboard is smoother than ever and rides great even on bumpy roads.

  • Simple Design
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Smart battery monitoring
  • 45 minutes of battery life
  • Illuminative LED headlights
  • Speaker issues
  • Parts quality

Final Views:

Well as apparent from the review, this hoverboard might not have some of the elite features but it does have the necessary core options that will help you in mastering the hoverboarding skills. Overall, it is a good product with some great features.


3. UNI-SUN Hoverboard

UNI-SUN Hoverboard

The next item that we are going to review has some exciting features that want our attention. The UNI-SUN hoverboard has great performance due to advanced mechanics that we will discuss later on. UNI-SUN have kept their word and used high-quality material that makes this product more durable than ever. Overall, the hoverboard has an up to date fancy look and some features that make it the best hoverboard for beginners. You find out in the review below.

Important Quirks That You Need To Know:

The manufacturer has chosen some of the unique colors that fit greatly on the overall look of the UNI-SUN hoverboard. Especially, the A02 Green color has an aesthetic feel to it. It will look unique on the feet and almost everyone will notice such a great color scheme. In terms of the finishing of the parts, the manufacturer has taken a great time and designed the product with deep engineering that is visible.

Moving on from the design, there is a powerful motor installed inside this UNI-SUN hoverboard. The Dual 300W motors are some of the most thrusting ones to have in the hoverboard. These stiff motors push the wheels to reach high speeds easily and smoothly. The motors provide great support to the overall capabilities of the hoverboard and it reaches the top speeds of up to 9.3 MPH.

Moreover, the UNI-SUN hoverboard is idealistic for beginners as it has the all-new advanced self-balancing technology that enables stability at dangerous terrains and testing curves. These curves and points will show you how this hoverboard stands out from the rest in performance.


UNI-SUN Hoverboard

There are high quality 6.5’’ solid tires installed in the UNI-SUN hoverboard that provide continuous mobility at all terrains and bumpy roads. For a beginner, the tires and the self-balancing technology will prove vital in learning skills.

UNI-SUN is committed to further provide professional customer support for its dear customers and has fast customer service response. The product further passes the UL2272 certification.

  • Trendy design
  • Advanced self-balancing technology
  • Pocket-friendly
  • UL2272 Certified
  • Dual 300W motors
  • High quality 6.5’’ solid tires
  • Average battery life
  • Poor customer service

Final Views:

In comparison to another hoverboard on this list, the design and simplistic overall functions of this machine are unmatchable. The fresh AO2 green color look combined with a thrusting motor gives the user a dignified riding experience that can be experienced in very few other hoverboards. All these pros make this hoverboard the best beginner hoverboard on this list.

UNI-SUN Hoverboard

4. Hover Hoverboard

Hover Hoverboard

Developed with due care and advanced mechanics the new Hover hoverboard is a monstrous machine. It has one of the best performance results and stands up against its competition. It is due to the thorough engineering of the manufacturer and the usage of A-grade parts. The Hover hoverboard is equipped with a very modern look that looks dashing to the eyes and reflects the power in the hoverboard. Let us discuss the quirks of this hoverboard in the review below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

The manufacturer has chosen the black color to display the daunting look of the Hover hoverboard. Its look depicts sportiness from all angles. From the eyes of a person, it looks like the hoverboard is ready to take on any road, climb a hill and go over bumpy curves with smoothness. All of these are possible due to the powerful mechanics of the machine and well-engineered modern design.

Moving on from the design the Hover hoverboard comes with a 36V, 4.3 Ah battery. The battery has an extended life of 9 miles that is more than enough for you to cruise around your neighborhood or take it on a hiking track. Moreover, your hoverboard will charge fully in a minor period of only 2.5 hours. So for a beginner, it is an amazing range to learn and keep riding the Hover hoverboard for longer times.

Hover Hoverboard

Furthermore, the hoverboard has Smartphone compatibility. You can connect the hoverboard with your Smartphone in some simple steps and control a variety of features right from your mobile phone. Some of these include the ability to play tracks, adjust the volume, and customize your LED headlight settings.

The Hover hoverboard has a weight capacity of up to 264 lbs that is more than enough for multiple people to use it on their times. It can be shared by siblings or even gifted to a friend as it can be a very nice gift to give.

  • Imposing design
  • 36V, 4.3 Ah battery
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • 9 miles single charge range
  • 9 mph top speed
  • Little bit expensive
  • Limited width for some

Final Views:

One of the top-rated hoverboards on the list even though it is a little bit expensive. Positive customer opinions further add to the credibility of the machine. It has extensive functions that shall help the player to develop its skills. For a beginner, it has great balance and good quality tires that shall help in performing different tricks safely.

Hover Hoverboard

5. UNI-SUN 6.5″ Hoverboard

UNI-SUN 6.5 Hoverboard

The next hoverboard that we are going to review has one of the best designs in the hoverboard industry. The finishing of the hoverboard, its fine edges, and a solid front have been designed with great care and first quality materials. Not only does the UNI-SUN 6.5’’ hoverboard have a good design and a durable performance, but it is also extremely pocket friendly. Arguably, this is one of the most affordable hoverboards on the market today. Let us review it below

Important Functions That You Need To Know:

Moving on from the cozy design of the UNI-SUN 6.5’’ hoverboard, let us discuss the robust motor of the hoverboard. Equipped with a dual 300W motor, the hoverboard has an engine mechanism that performs exceptionally well on challenging roads. You can expect wonderful performance from this hoverboard in some of the toughest terrains where many others might fail.

Backed by a powerful motor and 6.5’’ solid rubber tires that stick to the ground strongly, the UNI-SUN 6.5’’ hoverboard reaches a top speed of around 9.3 MPH with ease. The mechanics allow the hoverboard to reach top speed early and with good stability. At high speeds, you will not notice any instability or lack of balance.

In addition to this, the fancy LED headlights are dotted and give a cool look to the design of the hoverboard. At the same time, they are acting as safety instruments and prevent accidents at nighttime by providing visibility. A single battery charge gives a range of 9.3 miles that is more than sufficient for a complete tour of the neighborhood.


UNI-SUN 6.5 Hoverboard

Furthermore, the UNI-SUN 6.5’’ hoverboard is equipped with gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and a motherboard for controlled and safe maneuvering of the hoverboard. The hoverboard is also UL2272 safety certified and it passes the tests making it a safe product.

  • Subtle design
  • 9.3MPH top speed
  • Dual 300W motors
  • 9.3 miles battery range
  • Fancy LED headlights
  • Cheap price
  • Quality control issues
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Final Views:

The hoverboard has one of the most affordable pricing on the list. In around 100 USD, you can have a great hoverboard that is perfect for beginners as it has a durable body, fancy design, an optimal level of performance.

UNI-SUN 6.5" Hoverboard

6. TPS Hoverboard

TPS Hoverboard

Finally, we are reviewing one of the cheapest options available on our list. Even though the hoverboard is cheap, it has fully functional features and an exceptionally brilliant design. The color chosen by the manufacturer is illuminative and it gives a very luxurious feel to the hoverboard. The Chrome Gold color is a unique choice for the TPS hoverboard but it looks like it has paid off big time. Let us review the features and quirks of this hoverboard below.

Important Features That You Need To Know:

The manufacturer has installed good quality 6.5’’ tires that offer extra support to the balance by gripping to the surface. The smoothness of the tires makes the ride more fun and pleasurable. There are fancy LEDs installed on the front side and small lights subjected to the rims. These not only make the TPS hoverboard look great but also provide a safer cruising experience at night.

Furthermore, a built-in Bluetooth speaker that works perfectly well with any Smartphone. All you need to do is connect in some simple steps and play different tracks through your phone. Hence adding more fun to your journeys.

For a beginner, balance is one of the major concerns whilst riding a hoverboard. To address this very issue, the manufacturer has equipped the TPS hoverboard with an advanced self-balancing system that allows better balance and adaptation for the beginner. It results in quick learning of skills through safe and smoother rides.

TPS Hoverboard

In terms of performance the device is equipped with dual 300W powerful motors and the battery is a 36V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery giving a mileage of 6 miles in a single charge.

  • Gold color design
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • 300W dual motors
  • Extremely cheap
  • Advanced self-balancing
  • 6 miles range
  • Durability concerns
  • Might have charger issues

Final Views:

The cheapest option on the list with some of the best features inclusive, this TPS hoverboard can be a source of a lot of fun for the rider and a perfect learning tool.

TPS Hoverboard

7. City Cruiser 6.5″ Hoverboard

City Cruiser 6.5 Hoverboard

Last but not the least, is one of my favorite hoverboards. The City Cruiser 6.5’’ hoverboard has elite features concerning learning. That ultimately makes it the best hoverboard for beginners in 2021. To shed light on these features we shall review this beautiful hoverboard below. Let’s jump right into it.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

Starting with the technology used in its mechanics, there is an advanced self-balancing technology used that provides extra comfort and safety. For bumpy roads and dangerous curves, technology acts as a safeguard against accidents. Moreover, for smoother terrains, it adds great comfort to the overall riding experience.

A high-quality built-in Bluetooth speaker gives maximum clear sound for you to enjoy the tracks that you play on your new hoverboard as you cruise. For some beginners, playing soundtracks acts as a supporting cast and further motivates them to learn new tricks and skills of boarding.

Moving on, there are highly durable 6.5’’ dual tires installed in the City Cruiser 6.5’’ hoverboard. The tires have great grip to the surface and they allow the hoverboard to reach top speeds without imbalance. The tires work perfectly fine on all sorts of surfaces.

City Cruiser 6.5 Hoverboard (2)

In addition to this, there are highly illuminative RGB LED lights installed on your new hoverboard that will not only enhance the overall look and design of your board but also act as a safety guide during night riding.

  • Modern design
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Highly durable 6.5’’ dual tires
  • UL2272 certified
  • Highly illuminative RGB LED lights
  • Charger issues
  • Little bit expensive

Final Views:

Built with high-quality material, this highly durable machine will last for a long time. The mechanics of the machine have advanced improvements as compared to their predecessors. The product has overall great customer ratings and it is, in my opinion, the best hoverboard for beginners in 2021.

City Cruiser 6.5" Hoverboard

Top 3 Recommendations:

  1. TPS Hoverboard is the cheapest option available on this list for beginners.
  2. City Cruiser Hoverboard has the best ratings and it is the best hoverboard for beginners in 2021.
  3. Hover Hoverboard as it is the best hoverboard for kids and teenagers in 2021.

Buyer’s Guide. Things to know about while making the buying decision.

Performance: For someone that is a beginner and is yet to have experience riding different hoverboards. It is very essential to read both this article and the customer reviews so that he can buy a product that has great stability and advanced balancing technology. It will prevent him from accidents while performing the tricks.

Reliability: Make sure that you are buying a product that has good quality parts. So that once you have owned the hoverboard, you do not take it to the repair stores for at least a couple of years. In this way, you will have a reliable hoverboard that will help you in learning how to ride it.

Customization: For a beginner, most of the time the style and the color scheme of the hoverboard matter a lot. Therefore, make sure that you go through the pictures posted by the seller and different color options. In this way, you choose a greatly styled hoverboard with fancy lights and a subtle color scheme.

Budgetary concerns: In the beginning, not everyone has an unlimited budget for buying a hoverboard. Therefore, most of the options available in this review are cheaper and maybe within your budget. With better market understanding and reading similar reviews to this, you can buy a good quality hoverboard for a cheaper price.


Hoverboarding is a fun skill but without certain precautions and information, it can lead to accidents. Therefore, you should always buy a product that has safety approval and has great performance. In this article, I have reviewed different hoverboards but all of them are safety approved. They have their pros and cons and you can choose the product that suits you.

I have also given my individual views on each hoverboard to assist you in making the buying decision. There is also a buyer’s guide that contains the necessary information for you, as you are a beginner. I hope this article reaches you in good spirits and if you have, any queries feel free to ask me. Happy hoverboarding!

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