7 Cheap Off-Road Hoverboards (2020) – Reviews & Guide

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A few years back, hoverboards were manufactured for on-road use only. With the advancement of technology, many brands have successfully developed cheap off-road hoverboards. These come with relatively greater ground clearance, upgraded size of wheels, and a strong and sturdy structure that enables them to tackle the toughest terrains along with the Gyroscopic technology.

Off-road hoverboards give you an opportunity to explore the variable places, and you wouldn’t have explored otherwise. Capable of running on all types of terrains, off roads hoverboards have taken the world by storm.

If you are looking for cheap off-road hoverboards with the best features, you have stumbled upon the right article. We have reviewed and enlisted seven off-road hoverboards that cost less than $500. The reviewed information will definitely make your shopping process hassle-free.

Best Cheap Off-Road Hoverboards

All the off-road hoverboards reviewed are equipped with self-balancing gyroscopic technology and are UL 2272 certified. Let us take a look at them

1. Gyroor T581 – The Cheapest Off-Road Hoverboard Ever

With a mid-range price tag, T581 by Gyroor boasts some excellent features. Manufactured with supreme quality material, it possesses all those features that you can expect from a cheap off-road hoverboard.

Its dual 350W powerful motors and SUV off-road tires guarantee the smoother and safe rides no matter what terrain you are in. The Lithium-ion stable battery systems won’t let you be downhearted in the middle of an adventure by draining out suddenly.

In addition to that,  It offers 265 lbs loading capacity and max inclination angle of 30 degrees, which is pretty surprising at such low cost. It also carries built-in high-quality speakers, Bluetooth APP, and adjustable color LED lights to make your rides rocking and focused.

This hoverboard runs at a moderate speed of 9mph and therefore loved by both trained and amateurs alike. The product has survived through all the electrical safety tests to achieve the UL 2272 certification.

  • Fine holding capacity
  • Maximum inclination angle
  • Moderate speed
  • The smaller size of the board-only 6.5.”
  • The frame is sturdy but not the sturdiest
  • Slow charging

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When compared to other off-road hoverboards with the same price tag, this is the one that offers the most. With the great loading capacity and stabilization, it makes a great cheap off-road hoverboard.

Gyroor T581

2. HYPER GOGO Off-Road – Inexpensive Hoverboard

If you are in search of premium quality cheap off-road hoverboard with a lot of cool specs, you have every reason to celebrate. Equipped with self-balancing technology and upgraded 8.5″ SUV, this new version by HYPER Gogo guarantees incredible fun and safety at the same time.

On top of all, its 8.5″ oversized, shock-absorbent wheels keep your ride smooth on steady on all terrains -snow, grass, mud, etc. also, dual motors give its enough strength to tackle uneven and bumpy surface with a maximum inclination of 10 degrees.

With a sturdy flame-resistant frame, modern Battery Management System, and Stop Safe Technology, It’s a ULL 2272 certified product.  Built-in Bluetooth speakers and a rainbow of LED lights emerging from its tire make your ride cheerful even when it gets dark. Along with its catchy design, it has some great features in terms of quality that usually don’t come in this price range.

  • 5″ oversized wheels
  • sturdy flame resistance frame
  • attractive design with LED lights+
  • Veteran riders find it pretty slow
  • max loading capacity does not fit for adults
  • lacks the fast charging feature

As all of its features illustrate, this model is made for younger kids. With a moderate speed and relatively smaller range, it is an affordable and safe option for the parents of young kids.


3. TOMOLOO V1 8.5″ – Hoverboard That Is Cheap

TOMOLOO V1 is a premium piece of their V-series with some amazing features. This hoverboard is capable of providing the best possible experience at a moderate cost.

Empowered with 350 W dual motors and 36 V battery, this hoverboard is capable of tackling and handling the rough and tough terrains at a maximum speed of 9.3 mph. Along with its crazy speed, its max range, and loading capacity makes it equally attractive for beginners and amateurs.

This all-terrain hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, and through the TOMOLOO personal app, users can adjust and control the speed, riding mode. Music, LED lights, and battery status.

  • maximum range and great speed
  • customization through built-in TOMOLOO app
  • The inclination angle is not helping for adventurous riders.
  • the frame is bulky to carry around

Although its features are not too classy, they still offer a great experience for both beginners and trained riders. This all-rounder product maybe not the cheapest on the list, but it does offer a good worth of money.


4. City Cruiser Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain 8.5″

City Cruiser off road hoverboard has the lowest price on the list. In spite of its low cost, it does feature some best things that you love in hoverboards.

This overboard comes with 8.5″ stiff rubber tires built on sturdy aluminum rims that enable you to explore a variety of terrains like grass, gravel, sand. Some cheap models often compromise on safety-it’s not one of them. It withstands some critical electrical safety and standards test to become UL 2272 certified

The other worth-mentioning features in it are its 36 V LI-ion battery, 4 level battery indicator, and ALNiCo magnets with 100% copper wiring. Furthermore, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers so that you can connect to your favorite music while riding and its bright LED lights prevent you from running into stuff when it gets dark

  • stiff rubber tires built on sturdy aluminum rims
  • enhanced electrical safety
  • You can’t ride through snow or mud
  • It takes too long to get fully charged
  • limited loading capacity, speed, and range

With its average traits, City Cruiser is a pocket-friendly option for beginners and kids to get a lighter off-roading experience.

City Cruiser Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain 8.5"

5. VOYAGER AirWheel Offroad Electric Hoverboard, Rugged 8.5

It is one of the best off-road hoverboards available in the market. From its design to quality, it has everything that makes it easy to carry around during your adventures. Voyager is a brand that has the highest safety rating in the industry- this model is also UL 2272 certified.

empowered with 350 W dual motors, it can attain a maximum speed of 9.3 mph, and you can drive through all types of terrains. Moreover, It has large size rubber wheels that can cope easily with all terrain types. These tires can bear a maximum weight of 220lbs, which does not put a limit on its use.

It can attain a maximum speed of 9.3 mph, which is pretty surprising considering its price. Also, the battery is relatively stable, and you can go as far as 8.7 miles on a single charge. Electrical, battery, and charger systems have been certified by UL 2272 after going through critical standard tests.

In addition to that, it has a protective sheet to prevent fire and to overheat. The model is equipped with bright colored LED lights and a built-in Bluetooth app so you can connect any compatible device.

  • fast speed and a good range
  • built-in Bluetooth app
  • protective sheet to prevent overheating
  • The inclination angle in only 10 degrees
  • doesn’t support fast charging

It is not the cheapest in the list, but some amazing features like speed and range justify this gap. By adding a little money, you can take your off-riding experience to the next level.

VOYAGER AirWheel Offroad Electric Hoverboard

6. EPIKGO Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

If you love off-roading, this is definitely a go-to hoverboard for you. The best thing about this hoverboard is that professional riders will also find it entertaining. In addition to its unique design, this hoverboard features a lot more in order to satisfy the desire of an off-roader.

This off-road vehicle is equipped with a 400 W dual motor that produces incredibly high torque to climb gradient and attain a stunning speed of 9.4 mph. Its 8.5″ rubber tires are strong enough to travel through all types of rough and tough terrains in a smoother way.

Moreover, it has a reliable battery that takes only one hour to get fully charged, and you can explore up to 10 miles once it gets fully charged. The vehicle also offers great electrical performance and a reliable battery-on the same note its UL 2272 certification vanishes all hazards from your adventure. It is the areal off-road device as it can climb up to 18 degrees.

  • Highly powered-800 W
  • supports fast charging
  • reasonable speed and climbing angle
  • limited loading capacity

It boasts some remarkable features in terms of battery, speed, and gradient that usually many brands do not offer under $500. If you buy an expensive hoverboard with the same features, it is synonymous with throwing money in the garbage.

EPIKGO Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

7. HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain 6.5″ Wheels

This is a cheaper model by Hyper Gogo that is specially designed for kids to make their rides super smooth and full of fun. Its attractive design and low price make it equally attractive for kids and their parents.

This off-road model holds the non-slippery, shock-absorbing paddles and stiff rubber tires. This amazing feature ensures the safety of your child during riding. Furthermore, It can easily ride through grass, mud, and other slippery terrains. The vehicle has passed all the safety standard tests is UL 2272 certified device.

  • Shock absorbing paddles
  • Reasonable price
  • Limited gradient
  • A maximum speed of 9mph is a bit risky for kids

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Being real, you can’t expect mind-blowing features in this worth. Gauge your expectations accordingly, and this product won’t let you regret your decision.

HYPER GOGO Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain 6.5" Wheels

How to Select Hoverboards Under Budget?

Off-road hoverboards are intentionally designed to tackle all types of terrains like grass, mud, bumps, snow gravel, and a lot more. Once you decide to go into the off-roading experience, it’s necessary to choose a safe, reliable, and capable off-road hoverboard.

From beginners to demanding riders, the priority features vary in each product-still, there are some universal features that every off-road hoverboard should possess. Through this buying guide will introduce you with all those factors and features that one must consider before making a purchase.


The motor is a key feature that one must take into account before buying an off-road hoverboard.

An off-road hoverboard requires more power as compared to standard hoverboards. The minimum power requirement of an off-road hoverboard is 700W. Models with more empowered engines can easily climb gradients and hilly terrains at a faster speed.


Before buying an off-road hoverboard, make sure that the battery qualifies all the safety and stability standards. Batteries of poor quality can be a cause of horrible accidents if they overheat or drain out during the ride. 36V is the minimum battery limit that makes a hoverboard capable of off-roading.

The time a battery takes to get fully charged is also noteworthy. Supreme quality is the one that gets a little time to get fully charged while it runs smoother for maximum duration. Some of the best quality hoverboards also have battery indicators that let you know how much juice is left in your battery.

Maximum Range and Speed:

The maximum range means how long a hoverboard can travel once it gets fully charged. The max speed also depends on the type of terrains you are riding on as well as the rider’s own weight.

If you are a beginner or buying it for younger kids, the range up to 7miles is more than enough. A well-trained rider always looks for the maximum range in the off-road hoverboard. If you get the range up to 12 miles on a cheap off-road hoverboard, it’s a real win.

When it comes to speed, the max speed is the top speed that an off-road hoverboard can achieve. Those who are new to off-roading should go for the models having a max speed up to 7mph. Relatively moderate speed is useful to get trained in a safer way. For the speed junkies

The limit extends up to 12mph. Usually, cheap off-road hoverboards do not offer such crazy top speeds.

Built Quality:

Always choose the models manufactured with supreme quality material. Only high-quality material can withstand all types of terrains. An off-road hoverboard built with poor quality readily collapses when subjected to rough and bumpy terrains.

The quality of tires does matter as they are directly rubbed against various surfaces. Always prefer the off-road hoverboards with stiffer and rugged rubber tires in order to make your rides hassle-free.


Always choose those models which can drive through all types of terrains like mud, snow, grass, cement, dirt, and gravel. Some of the models cannot run on snow and mud, providing a limited experience.

Many models offer multiple modes of riding like beginners, intermediate and expert, and this feature is usually found in expensive hoverboards.

Self Balancing:

Choose those off-road hoverboards that are equipped with self-balancing gyroscopic technology. Even if you are a beginner, it will take you less or more ten minutes to learn how to ride?

Size and Weight:

Heavier off-road hoverboards provide more traction and stability. Their bulky and sturdy body makes them stable when taken off the road. But a more bulky frame can make it a bit hefty that is difficult to maneuver.

The portability of the device also depends on its weight. Heavier Hoverboards Although provides more traction, and they are difficult to carry. A portable hoverboard weighs between 20-30 lbs.

While making a purchase, don’t go for a too heavy or too feathery hoverboard. Make sure that the hoverboard weighs in between extreme limits and is robust and strong enough to tackle all types of bumpy and slippery terrains.

The size of wheels is also an important factor when you tend to buy an off-road hoverboard. The bigger size of wheels let you cruise over rough and bumpy surfaces and provide the stability you need during an off-road ride. Kids and beginners may feel uncomfortable to ride on large-sized wheels.

Types of Wheels:

In contrast to standard hoverboards, off-road hoverboards must have large knobby and bouncy wheels. These wheels enable them to cope with multiple terrain types.

Loading capacity:

Cheap off-road hoverboards usually do not offer a great loading capacity; thus, they are suitable for children. If you are an adult, go for the models having a loading capacity of at least 220 lbs or greater.

Bluetooth and other features:

There are some additional features like Bluetooth and LED flashlights that make adventure sessions entertaining and sparkling. Some expensive models have a built-in Bluetooth app that enables you to control your hoverboard through your mobile phone.


Last but not least, the most important thing to consider before buying an off-road hoverboard is your own safety. Back in 2001, when off-road hoverboards came into limelight, many brands stepped into this business, and the market was crowded by a number of cheap off-road hoverboards.

Soon the customers started complaining about batteries being overheated and short-circuit many accidents, and fire events occurred as a consequence.

Therefore CPSC(Customer Product and Safety Commission of US) announced an official recall of hoverboards, and more than half a million defective models were immediately removed from the market. Before buying any model, visit www.CPSC.com to see if the particular model has been recalled.

Before buying an off-road hoverboard, make sure that this model is compliant with the applicable safety standards. these include

  • Battery: UN 38.3 or UL 1642
  • Charger: UL 60950-1
  • Hoverboard: UL 2272

You may be deceived by a package claiming that the battery is UL -compliant; that doesn’t mean that the whole model is UL-complaint. All the models we have reviewed in this article are UL 2272 certified.


Off-road hoverboards are the ultimate source of fun, adventure, and entertainment. Equally adored by people of all ages off-roading is an amazing outdoor activity.

If you ask a suggestion from my side, I would recommend

  • Gyroor T581 because it offers 265 lbs loading capacity and max inclination angle of 30 degrees, which is pretty surprising at such low cost.

Off-road hoverboards give you the freedom to explore your dream terrains. Make sure that you take all safety measures before going on a ride.

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