How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go | Main Factors

If you’re a skateboard enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of electric skateboards. They’re the new wave of skateboards, and they provide an exhilarating experience while cruising around. Unlike traditional skateboards, electric skateboards come with a motor and battery that powers them. One of the most common questions about electric skateboards is how fast they go. In this post, we will dive into the different factors that affect how fast do electric skateboards go, popular electric skateboard brands, and their top speeds.

Factors That affect How fast do electric skateboards go?

Following are the main factors that affect how fast do electric skateboards go.

Motor Power

The motor power on an electric skateboard is one of the major factors that determine how fast it can go. Electric skateboards typically have motors that range between 500W and 3000W. The higher the wattage of the motor, the faster the skateboard will go. For example, skateboards with 500W motor power have a top speed of about 15 miles per hour (mph), while those with 3000W motor power can go up to 45mph.

Battery Power

Apart from the motor power, the battery is also crucial in determining the top speed of electric skateboards. Different models of electric skateboards come with different battery sizes, types, and power. The battery capacity, in most cases, determines how far the skateboard can go on a single charge. However, a bigger battery capacity also means more power, which can lead to increased speed. Some of the top electric skateboard brands offer different battery options ranging from 10 miles to 30 miles range. In terms of speed, having a bigger battery capacity can increase the top speed of your electric skateboard.

Wheel Diameter and Material

The size and material of the wheels on your electric skateboard play a significant role in its overall performance, especially with speed. Typically, larger wheels will offer a higher top speed, while smaller wheels will be slower. Some of the leading brands also offer different wheel materials, ranging from urethane to rubber. Urethane wheels, for instance, are known to provide better grip and smoothness than rubber wheels, which can lead to a faster top speed. Therefore, it is important to choose the right wheel size and material depending on your preference and speed requirements.

Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go


The terrain type is also crucial when it comes to determining how fast your skateboard can go. This is because different terrains have different levels of friction, which can affect the skateboard’s top speed. For instance, electric skateboards can go faster on flat surfaces like roads, concrete, or pavements than on rough terrains like grass, dirt, or sand. Therefore, it is important to know the terrain you’ll most likely ride on to determine your electric board’s top speed.

Popular Electric Skateboard Brands and Their Top Speed

Many brands are known to manufacture quality electric skateboards with impressive speeds. Some of the most popular electric skateboard brands include Boosted Boards, Evolve Skateboards, and Meepo Skateboards. Boosted Boards offer a top speed of 22 mph, while Evolve Skateboards top out at 26 mph. Meepo Skateboards, which are also budget-friendly, go up to 29 mph. Other popular brands with excellent top speeds include Inboard, Ownboard, and WOWGO Board, among others.

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In conclusion, electric skateboards can be an excellent addition to your collection if you’re a skateboard enthusiast looking for speed, convenience, and fun. When determining how fast electric skateboards can go, factors like motor power, battery power, wheel diameter, material, and terrain all play an important role. Moreover, popular brands like Boosted Boards, Meepo Skateboards, and Evolve Skateboards offer high-quality skateboards with impressive top speeds of up to 29 mph. As you choose an electric skateboard, ensure that you consider all factors to get one that meets your speed requirements and terrain needs.

 FAQs Related to How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go

Here are some FAQ,s related to How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go

How fast do electric skateboards go?

Electric skateboards can have different speed ranges, depending on the brand and model. Some boards can reach a top speed of 20mph, while others can go up to 40mph. The speed of an electric skateboard is determined by the board’s motor power, the size of the wheels, and the battery capacity.

What factors affect the speed of an electric skateboard?

There are several factors that can influence the speed of an electric skateboard, some of which include the rider’s weight, the terrain, the wind, and the temperature. For instance, more weight on the board can impact the board’s acceleration and speed. Likewise, a strong headwind can slow down the board’s speed.

Is it safe to ride an electric skateboard at high speeds?

Riding an electric skateboard at high speeds can be unsafe, particularly if the rider is inexperienced. It is crucial to always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding an electric skateboard, no matter the speed. Additionally, riders should make sure that they are familiar with the board’s speed capabilities and handling performance before going fast.

Can I adjust the speed of an electric skateboard?

Most electric skateboards come with a speed controller that allows you to adjust the board’s speed. Some models have multiple speed settings that allow you to switch between different speeds. Furthermore, many boards come with a feature known as the “cruise control” function, which maintains the same speed without having to hold down the accelerator button.

Can electric skateboards go up hills?

The ability of an electric skateboard to go up hills depends on the board’s motor power and torque output. Generally, boards with higher motor power can climb steeper hills. Some electric skateboards are designed specifically for off-road terrain, which gives them the ability to climb rough terrain, including hills.

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