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If you want to master skateboarding, then you need to make sure that your board has the right set of components, including the bushings. These small yet essential components form an integral part of the skateboard trucks, and they are responsible for ensuring that you can turn and steer your board without losing control. In this post, we will delve into the world of bushings skateboard and help you understand why they are so important for your skateboarding journey.

What are Bushings? Thing you need to know about bushings skateboard

Bushings are small, circular pieces of urethane located at the base of skateboard trucks. Sometimes shaped like a donut, they sit between the base plate and hanger in the truck, providing cushioning and support for the board’s trucks. Bushings are made of a variety of materials, including rubber, foam, or urethane. However, urethane is popular among riders because it is durable, resists wear and tear, and offers a better overall ride experience.

The thing you need to know about bushings skateboards is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hardness levels. The different shapes of bushings allow you to customize your skateboard truck to match your riding style. Some skateboarders prefer a looser truck that allows them to make quick and sharp turns, while others prefer a stiffer truck that provides more stability and control. Whatever your preference may be, there is a bushing out there that will suit your needs.

Role of Bushings in Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a thrilling sport that requires owners of skateboards to understand the different components of their boards to ensure a smooth and safe ride. One essential component of a skateboard that is often overlooked is the bushings. Bushings are small circular pieces of urethane that are generally located at the base of the skateboard trucks. They play an essential role in determining how the skateboard feels when turning, carving, and cruising. Ignoring the importance of selecting the right bushings for your board can result in a more challenging and less enjoyable ride.

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Importance of Bushings in Steering

As a skater, you would want to make sharp turns and avoid wobbling while cruising downhill. The ability to do this depends on your skateboard’s bushings. The flexibility of bushings enables you to turn and carve at varying degrees. For instance, if your bushings are tight, they can result in a sharper turn radius, while loose bushings allow for more flexibility and carve better. The type of bushings you choose will depend significantly on the type of riding you plan on doing.

Types of Bushings

There are two main types of bushings skateboard’s.

Soft bushings

Soft bushings are ideal for riders who prefer smooth rides and enjoy cruising and carving. They encourage flexibility and are suitable for lighter riders.

Hard bushings

On the other hand, are best for riders who prefer stability and are into faster, more aggressive riding styles. They offer better control at higher speeds and are ideal for heavier riders.

Choosing the Right Bushings for Your Board

When choosing your bushings skateboard, you need to consider the durometer or hardness level. Bushings with a lower durometer rating are softer and provide a more comfortable ride with a looser truck. On the other hand, higher durometer bushings are harder and provide more stability with a stiffer truck. As a rule of thumb, lighter riders prefer softer bushings, while heavier riders prefer harder bushings.

One important point to consider when selecting your bushings is the shape of the bushing seat. Some skateboard truck brands have a conical shape, while others have a cylindrical shape. You need to make sure that the bushing seat matches the shape of your skateboard truck to ensure a snug and secure fit. A loose or poorly fitting bushing can cause your skateboard to feel unstable, making it harder to control.

Another aspect to consider is the material used to make your skateboard bushings. Most bushings today are made from urethane, a type of plastic polymer that is known for its durability and resilience. Urethane bushings are also easy to replace, meaning that you can swap them out quickly if they become worn out or damaged.

The type of bushing you choose for your skateboard also depends on your weight and riding style. Lighter riders may require softer bushings, while heavier riders may require harder ones. Similarly, riders who like to carve and turn may need softer bushings, whereas those who prefer stability may require harder bushings.

Experiment with different bushings: Finding the right bushing for your skateboard is not always an exact science. You may need to experiment with different combinations of bushings to get the level of performance you’re looking for. Try different durometer ratings, shapes, and even brands to see what works best for you.

Maintaining Your Skateboard’s Bushings

Bushings wear out due to regular use or poor maintenance. Keeping your bushings clean and well-lubricated can help increase their lifespan. Regular cleaning is also necessary, especially in dusty or dirty areas. Consider cleaning them with alcohol and putting some wax or lubricant to keep your bushings supple and avoid cracks,which can result from dryness.


In summary, bushings for skateboards play a crucial role in helping you achieve better control, stability, and comfort when riding. By choosing the right durometer, shape, and material, you can customize your skateboard truck to match your riding style and preferences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, investing in high-quality bushings can make all the difference in your skating experience. 

It’s also important to maintain your bushings regularly, both by keeping them clean and lubricated. By doing this, you can keep your bushings in good shape, prolong their lifespan, and enjoy a better riding experience.

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