What does a Hoverboard Charger look like? | A Complete Guide

Hoverboards have become popular over the years, especially among kids and teenagers who use them for fun and transportation. A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter that needs to be charged, just like your mobile phone. However, not all hoverboards come with charging cables, or you may lose them. As a CMO, you need to know what a hoverboard charger looks like since many manufacturers produce different types, and not all of them are compatible. In this comprehensive guide, we will give you all the information you need about hoverboard chargers.

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Types of Hoverboard Charger

There are different types of hoverboard chargers, and the type you purchase depends on the type of hoverboard you own. For example, some hoverboards require a 42V charger, while others may require a 24V or 36V charger. The charging port on each hoverboard is also different. You may need to check the manual or the manufacturer’s website to know the specifications of your hoverboard charger.

Most hoverboard chargers typically have a three-prong plug, similar to a laptop charger. The charging cable usually has two ends, one that plugs into the wall, and the other that plugs into the hoverboard. Take note that these cables are not interchangeable across different hoverboard brands, so ensure you get the one that matches your hoverboard.

You may also come across hoverboard chargers with LED lights that indicate the battery status. They may turn from red to green when the hoverboard is fully charged. If the lights do not appear, you may need to check the battery on the hoverboard or get a new charger. The LED lights not only help you know when the hoverboard is fully charged but also let you know when the battery is low and needs charging.

It is essential to note that hoverboard chargers require safety certification to ensure that they do not overheat and cause damage to the hoverboard or harm the user. Look out for chargers that have been tested and certified by recognized authorities. Ensure the charger has a UL or CE certification mark; otherwise, it may not be safe to use.

Hoverboard Charger

How To Choose The Right Hoverboard Charger

The charger that you choose for your hoverboard is critical as it not only ensures that it charges quickly, but also protects the battery from any damage. Things to remember choose the right hoverboard charger to keep your device running smoothly.

Check the Voltage:

The first thing to consider when looking for the right hoverboard charger is the voltage. Ensure that your charger has the same voltage as your hoverboard. Hoverboards typically come with a 36V, 42V, or 48V battery pack. Verify the charger voltage to protect against potentially damaging your hoverboard’s battery pack.

Amperage Requirement:

The amperage requirement of the battery also needs to be considered when choosing the right hoverboard charger. The amperage requirement is on the label of the battery, usually listed as Ah. This value defines how long the battery can last when fully charged, and you need to choose a charger with the same or higher amperage to ensure that your hoverboard will stay charged for the duration you need.

Quality Matters:

The quality of the hoverboard charger should be a significant factor when making your decision. Opt for a reputable brand that has been tested and proven by other users, rather than cheaper alternatives. Cheap chargers may not be able to handle the high output levels required for your device, causing it to overheat or suffer other damage. In the end, you may need to replace the battery or the entire hoverboard, costing you more than a premium-quality charger.

Compatibility With Your Device:

The hoverboard charger that you purchase should be compatible with your device. Though it’s a no-brainer, it can save you a lot of time, hassle, and expenses later on. Check for compatibility before making any purchase. A safe approach that you can take is to buy your charger from the same company that produced your hoverboard.

Other Considerations:

Other important considerations include the length of the cable, the design, and the heat output. When conducting your research, compare and contrast different brands and models to ascertain the ideal product for your hoverboard. Remember that select charging products come with added functionality, such as LED lights or a digital readout.

       Hoverboards are an excellent source of entertainment and transportation, but choosing the wrong charger can negatively impact your device. 


Now you know what a hoverboard charger looks like. Shopping for a hoverboard charger can be overwhelming, but this guide will make it easier for you. When purchasing, always ensure you get a charger that matches your hoverboard’s specifications and has safety certification. A functional and safe charger ensures that your hoverboard battery is fully charged, allowing you more time to ride and enjoy your hoverboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all hoverboard chargers the same?

While most chargers may have a standard AC adapter, the output power voltage can differ between them. And don’t forget about safety concerns! Is the charger moisture-proof? Does it have to short-circuit protection? Cheaper units usually don’t have these important features, so investing in a higher-quality charger is worth it in the long run. 

Q. What type of charger do Hoverboards use?

Introducing the best Hoverboard Chargers of 2023. it’s a standard AC adapter that plugs into your power outlet, with an output range of 29.4V to 42V at 1.2A to 2A (amps). Most models feature a handy 3-prong inline (female) that’s super easy to insert into your hoverboard. Get ready for lightning-fast charging and more time on your board.

Q. How can I charge my hoverboard without a charger?

If you are in a pinch and find yourself without a charger for your hoverboard, don’t worry. Try placing your board on the ground and rolling the battery side back and forth with your hand for about 10 minutes. This might generate enough charge to power your hoverboard. However, keep in mind that this is not a long-term solution and your hoverboard battery life may be temporary.

Q. Can I use a laptop charger to charge my hoverboard?

You might feel tempted to plug in your hoverboard to your computer or other power sources via a USB cord but don’t. It won’t charge the batteries. Unfortunately, to really charge your hoverboard, you’re going to have to shell out for a second charger, which can quickly eat up your pockets.

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