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Snowboarding is a popular winter sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. As with any sport, there are associated costs, and snowboarding can be particularly expensive. One of the most significant expenses is the price of equipment, specifically, snowboards. If you’re a snowboarder or considering becoming one, you might wonder why snowboards are so expensive. In this blog post, we’ll explore why are snowboards are so expensive and will examine the factors contributing to the cost of snowboards and provide some tips on how to find the best-value snowboards.

Factors contributing to the cost of snowboards

Following are the factors that contribute to the cost of snowboards and these are reasons thats why snowboards are so expensive.


Snowboards are predominantly made of high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and various specialized plastics and resins. The use of advanced materials accounts for some of the expense of snowboards. Unlike their cheaper counterparts, high-end snowboards can withstand the rigors of intense snowboarding, which can take a toll on the equipment.


 Snowboard manufacturers continually invest in research and development to improve the sport’s performance and bring to market new technologies. These new technologies not only improve a snowboard’s performance but also increases the cost. Examples of advanced technology in snowboards include canting, asymmetrical boards, and even the integration of electronics. Each new innovation contributes to the overall cost.

Brand Name 

As with any industry, certain brands have a reputation for quality and performance. The most recognizable brands, such as Burton, K2, and Lib Tech, charge a premium for their products. Their reputation is due in part to their experience, quality, and advanced technology. Brand recognition alone can significantly contribute to the cost of snowboards.

Production Cost 

Manufacturing a snowboard requires a high level of precision and labor. Even small mistakes during production can impact a board’s overall performance and durability. The production process includes designing, prototyping, production molds, and production runs. All of these steps require skilled labor and expensive equipment which can increase the cost of snowboards.

snowboards are so expensive

Supply and demand 

The laws of supply and demand influence the cost of snowboards, like any other product. When demand exceeds supply, the price goes up. During peak winter months when the demand for snowboards is at its highest, prices are typically higher.

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Where to Find the Best Deals on Snowboards

 It’s essential to know where to find the best deals on snowboards so that you don’t end up breaking the bank. In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the best places you can find the best deals on snowboards.

Online Retailers 

 With the rise of e-commerce, online retailers have revolutionized the way people shop for snowboarding equipment. Online stores offer a wide selection of snowboards and accessories at discounted prices, and they also provide the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. Some of the best online retailers for snowboards include evo.com, The House, REI, and Proboardshop, all of which offer great deals on snowboards. Also, you can keep an eye on these websites for exclusive discounts and coupons.

Local Gear Shops 

 Local gear shops are a great place to look for discount snowboards. Since they are specialized stores, they offer a vast selection of snowboarding equipment, including snowboards, boots, bindings, and clothing. Local gear shops are often run by snowboarding enthusiasts, and they can provide valuable advice on how to choose the right snowboard. They are also a great place to get your snowboard serviced or repaired.

Second-hand Stores 

Many people sell their old snowboards when they upgrade to new models, and these can be purchased for a fraction of the original cost. Second-hand stores are a great option for buyers looking for quality snowboards at low prices. Online platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp are also great places to start your search for second-hand snowboards.

Seasonal Sales 

Most stores have seasonal sales, and this is a great opportunity to find a good deal on a snowboard. Most stores conduct sales towards the end of each season when they want to clear their inventory to make room for the next season’s equipment. Keep an eye out for these sales, as they can offer great discounts on snowboards.

Manufacturer Outlets 

 Manufacturers often have outlet stores where they sell their products at discounted prices. It’s an excellent place to look for deals on snowboards. You can also look for factory shops that sell direct-to-consumer snowboards, which can provide significant savings on equipment.


The cost of snowboards is influenced by several factors ranging from materials and technology to brand and production cost. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find affordable snowboards with good performance. It’s essential to do your research, shop around, and focus on purchasing all the necessary components to ensure that your snowboarding gear lasts longer.

It’s important to remember that the higher-priced boards generally represent an investment for an avid snowboarder, but that’s not always the case for beginners or people who snowboard only occasionally. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, always do your homework and shop around before making your purchase.

FAQ’s related to Why are snowboards are so expensive

Here we’ll explain some FAQ’s related to Why are snowboards are so expensive

Are all snowboards expensive?

 Not all snowboards are expensive. Snowboards can range between $150 and $1,500. Depending on the brand, quality, and technology, the prices can vary incredibly. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget, you can find excellent deals on affordable snowboards.

 Why do some snowboards cost much more than others?

The cost of the snowboard is determined by the technology, quality, and materials used in its creation. Advanced snowboards with innovative technologies cost much more than standard beginner equipment. Snowboards with high-quality materials also cost more. Therefore, the more advanced your snowboard is, the higher the price.

 Is it necessary to purchase an expensive snowboard to enjoy snowboarding?

ANo. You can rent a snowboard or purchase an affordable board worth around $150 – $300. For beginners, it is recommended to start with an inexpensive beginner’s snowboard. Later on, after training and gaining more experience, you can upgrade to a more advanced and costly snowboard.

Can I buy a used snowboard?

 Yes, you can. However, used snowboards can be risky since the board can be damaged significantly, and its lifespan could already be reduced. Hence, ensure that you purchase a second-hand snowboard from a reputable dealer who will help you identify problems with the board.

Why are snowboards so expensive compared to other sports equipment?

The price of snowboards is relatively fair. Note that producing a snowboard is a laborious, comprehensive, and time-consuming process, which involves several steps and multiple technologies. The time frame makes it hard for the industry to produce an affordable mass market snowboard. To compare, consider that a snowboard requires more technology and materials than a pair of skis or a sled, leading to the higher cost.

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