Why do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow | Reason & Preventions

For skateboarders, yellow wheels are such a common sight that it may seem like a natural occurrence. However, skateboard wheels usually start in various shades of white, and over time, they turn yellow. This discoloration is not just a cosmetic issue, but it can potentially affect the performance of your skateboard. In this article, we’ll dive deep into why do skateboard wheels turn yellow and what you can do to prevent it.

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Why do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow | Main Reasons

Following are the some main reasons why do skateboard wheels turn yellow.

Tinted Polyurethane Formula

The primary reason why skateboard wheels turn yellow is due to the polyurethane formula used in manufacturing. Manufacturers use a tinted polyurethane formula that contains chemicals that react to UV rays. When exposed to sunlight, the polyurethane compound breaks down, causing the yellow discoloration.

Apart from the tint used in the polyurethane formula, other chemical compounds used in the manufacturing process may also contribute to the yellowing of skateboard wheels. Some chemicals present in lubricants, oils, and cleaning agents can break down the polyurethane compound, causing the wheels to turn yellow.

Sun Exposure

The second factor that accelerates yellowing in skateboard wheels is the sun’s exposure. Polyurethane is sensitive to UV rays, which can cause the breakdown of the chemical compounds that give wheels their natural white color. The more your skateboard wheels are exposed to sunlight, the quicker they will yellow.


Another factor that contributes to yellowing skateboard wheels is oxidation. This occurs when the molecules in polyurethane react with oxygen, leading to the breakdown of their chemical structure. This chemical process may cause the plasticizer to evaporate, causing the wheels to turn brittle and stiff.

Ways to Prevent Yellowing

One of the best ways to prevent your skateboard wheels from turning yellow is to avoid extended exposure to sunlight. You can store your skateboard in a closet or garage when it’s not in use, allowing them to avoid direct sunlight. Additionally, you can use sunscreen products that protect your wheels from ultraviolet rays.

Wheels Turn Yellow

Moreover, using different cleaning agents that cater to skateboard wheels can do wonders in keeping them white. Avoid using harsh chemicals or washing your wheels in hot water as it may cause the polyurethane to deteriorate. Stick to water or mild soap and a soft-bristled brush to clean them.

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In conclusion, yellowing skateboard wheels are a common occurrence that can potentially affect the performance and aesthetics of the skateboard. Several factors contribute to yellowing, such as sun exposure, oxidation, and chemical breakdown. However, by taking preventive measures, such as storing your skateboard in a dark and cool place and using suitable cleaning agents, you can keep your skateboard wheels in pristine condition for longer.

FAQ,s related to Why do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow

Here are some FAQ,s related to Why do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow

What causes the yellowing of skateboard wheels?

Skateboard wheels can turn yellow for several reasons, but the most common reason is prolonged exposure to sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can cause the urethane material used in most skateboard wheels to break down and yellow over time. Other factors such as exposure to air pollution and heat can also contribute to yellowing.

Are yellowing wheels a problem?

Yellowing wheels won’t affect the performance of your skateboard, but it can affect the overall appearance of your board. While a yellow tinge may not bother some skateboarders, others may prefer the bright white wheels of a new board. If you’re one of those skaters, it’s worth putting in a little effort to prevent and remedy yellowing.

How can you prevent skateboard wheels from turning yellow?

Preventing yellowing in skateboard wheels comes down to two things: proper storage and limited exposure to sunlight. When not in use, store your skateboard in a cool, dry place, preferably indoors, where it will be protected from sunlight exposure. When riding outdoors, consider wearing a hat or using a skateboard bag to limit direct sunlight exposure on your wheels.

Can you restore the yellowed skateboard wheels to their original color?

If your skateboard wheels have already turned yellow, don’t worry; they can be restored to their original color. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a magic eraser or household bleach solution along with warm water. Be careful not to soak the wheels, and follow the manufacturer instructions carefully. Alternatively, you can invest in colored wheels that won’t turn yellow, eliminating the need for restoration.

Are colored skateboard wheels prone to yellowing?

Colored skateboard wheels that have been specially treated with UV blockers are less likely to yellow than regular white wheels. Although they may still yellow over time due to UV exposure, the discoloration is much less noticeable, making them a great alternative for skateboarders who don’t want to deal with yellowing.

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